About Us

In Filipino language the word ’Marangal’ means superb, noble and excellent.

That is exactly what we wanted to create. A special kind of men’s swimwear brand that challenges the conventions, the boresome, mostly single-coloured male swimsuits of average fashion and material.

Wherever you are now when reading these lines and raising your head, you for sure see many different colours and some kind of form in front of you. The Marangal team has used exactly these forms and colours to the creation of the brand. Our patterns are inspired by real life and this is what made the colours and graphics of our swimsuits special.

When designing our product range we have examined all segments that can be of importance to a man when wearing a swimsuit. Prestigious quality, soft and comfortable material, full inner lining, strong and durable thread, long-wearing stitching, elegant accessories and colour fastness characterize our swimwear. We have also focused on making our products sun-proof and waterproof, as well as chlorine and salt resistant and they are able to stand the sauna and sandy beach environment.

We really hope that the Marangal world will make every man’s character more colourful and can offer a kind of comfort where you feel „that you don’t want to take it off at all”.

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